Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why do I do this?

This was my fourth running and by far my worst run. This was the first time that Heath didn't come up with me so I rode up with Marty and Fran early on race day. Its nice to have a driver for the ride home. It was about 75 degrees and so many people had a rough day on the mountain. Runners were passing out on the trail, some even collapsed just close to finishing. Just crazy.
I got my first huge blister on the side of my heel. I had to wear my sandals for about a week for that to heal. I remember the feeling after I finished and I was walking back up the side of the road feeling completly beat and thinking I should'nt do this again. Then total strangers will just say congratulations and way to go, then I remember that I just did that crazy mountain and I feel very accomplished and proud of myself:) So heres to another year.

summer fun

We live here just for our incredible summers.
This year Kian went on his first salmon dip netting trip on the Kenai river with Heath. He also played a little soccer. Elsie and Lilly both tried out softball. They both did really well and enjoyed playing. Though not an mvp player by any means I thoroughly enjoy playing on my coed softball team with Heath. Cant wait til summer againg.

I know, I know!

It's been a little too long! and i am so behind. I did a few pics awhile ago and im just getting to them.
One of my favorite things to see in spring are the new moose calfs. Always a treat even after all these years. I also got lucky and found this family of swans here on beluga lake which was a first. Did you know swans mate for life? Sandhill cranes are pretty common around our house in the summer as well as colorful pheasants. Then ofcourse the occassional pesky black bear trying to get to our garbarge. Not so welcome.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

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I love Alaska

This is one of my favorite classic Alaska sightings.
We have had a very busy summer and I would like to catch up on some of our activities.
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Who said I don't have a green thumb. Oh that was me!

These are my tulips that I just love. They come up early spring and sadly do not last very long.

The Biggest Fat Lip Award goes to Caitlin!

Kian ran Caitlin over with a scooter up at the track where we play softball.

Serious track rash! She's one tough cookie.

She has recoverd quite nicely.